Transformation into a Zombie

The zombie invasion has been a popular theme for games, movies and series over the past few years. Who isn’t afraid of a zombie apocalypse these days?
I am a huge zombie fan and can’t get enough of all the zombie movies, games and best of all `The Walking Dead` series.
I have always dreamed of playing a zombie role in the series and now a part of my dream has come true.

For the amazing make-up artist Petra Büchli I was transformed into a zombie.
Petra Büchli is an extremely talented artist, who creates all kinds of masks, sculptures, special effects and body paintings.

I am used to working with beauty make-up, but I was really excited to be transformed into a monster with special effects and body painting.
How does she do it? You only need blood, cotton wool, latex, paint and a very creative Petra Büchli 😀

What do you think?