Björn Axen Organic Spring 2017 Series

Björn Axén is a swedish hair care company founded in 1963. Quality and service had always been Björn Axén’s keyword and today they are Sweden’s strongest hair care brand.

I am very happy to present you their new ORGANIC Spring 2017 series. Björn Axén have made it their mission to create a series decreasing Björn’s ecological footprint and leaving all their ingredients bio-degradable. All the five products of the Spring 2017 series contain 95% natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, nordic sugar beet, nordic rapeseed oil, comprehensive oils from Shea, Jojoba, sunflower, sea buckthorn and bergamot oil for the flavor.

So I have tested these amazing products and I am very impressed.

– The shampoo moisterizes my hair and gives it a anti-static, more healthy looking shine and of course the conditioner is the perfekct match to the shampoo leaving my hair detangled and totally soft and shiny. Both these products are vegan.

– My personal favorite would be the Organic Caring Oil. I just use two small drops in my hair-ends and my hair ends up beeing frizz free, shiny and healthy. This is also a vegan product.

– The Organic Universal Cream takes volume to a whole new level. No matter if you have short, long, wavy, curly or straight hair.

– Also one of my favorites is the Organic Texturizing Salt Water Spray. I just love the beach look it gives your hair. It also voumes up my hair and takes the frizz away. This is also a vigan product.

I am truly amazed by the Organic series and really think you guys should try it out.

Love K